Lake Mead is 61% empty

The drought in the Southwest gets worse, with serous implications for the growing cities in Nevada and Arizona.  Las Vegas gets 90% of its water from Lake Mead, which is now at its lowest level since it was filled 75 years ago.  I wonder if the climate deniers are also drought deniers.  NASA photo:


We’ve passed Peak Oil

NYT reports on a new IEA report that concludes we’ve past peak oil production from conventional crude oil supplies, and the future liquid fuels will come from natural gas and “unconventional” (read, oil shale).  This means much higher prices and international competition (read, China and India).  So much for “drill, baby drill.”

Analyzing the climate bill defeat…

Start here: the New Yorker article on how the climate bill died this year.

Joe Romm’s The Failed Presidency of Barack Obama, Part 1 and Part 2.

Open letter from 1Sky’s board of directors.

Robert Walker: What climate activists need to learn from the NRA and the gun-control wars.


Why building codes should be open

Via Boing Boing.

Rachel Maddow Explores Right Wing Lying Echo Chamber

Rachel Maddow is a national treasure.

Bill McKibbon and

Bill McKibbon visited the Energy Foundation thursday to talk about his new book Eaarth and, the movement he started to promote awareness of climate change. After the disaster in the US Congress this year, enviros are in a funk, but McKibbon says he’s actually encouraged because the situation is so bad that movements like are taking hold, and will ultimately lead to real substantive actions. He’s also highlighting that what failed in the Senate wasn’t enough anyway, so it wasn’t a real loss.

Here he is on the David Letterman Show, earlier this week:

iPhone 4 frenzy

Which of these two people fits me?