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The data…

Charts.  It’s important to know the data story in these graphs to know just how bad the inequality is in this country, and the greed of the Republicans and Wall Street.


Occupy: I am not moving

Best video of the year.   But let’s not forget the Obama administration and the NYPD are not the #1 enemy.

Important distraction: the Raspyni Brothers

Must see TV: The best jugglers in the world…from TED.


Santiago energy conference

PPEE staffI’m in Santiago, finishing a three day stay that included speaking at a four-country energy conference, and many meetings with energy policy and industry people in Chile. Very stimulating, and I see positive signs for Chile’s energy future, though there are still many difficult issues to face.

One thing I really enjoyed was giving my talk to the PPEE (Chilean energy efficiency office) staff on thursday afternoon. They are a small but dedicated group (pictured here), and they are an important hope for Chile–these are my people…

Another highlight was staying at the Ambassador’s residence for three nights. He had invited me to speak at the conference, which included inviting me to stay at his home. We had one great evening together talking about his experiences in the State Department, but then he had to leave for Southern Chile–leaving me alone in a 12,000 sq foot house. Quite a strange experience.

Flickr photos here.