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Dinner in honor of our friend and mentor Napier Collyns

Year of Napier

Last night John Rozsa and I hosted a dinner for our friend and mentor Napier Collyns at Paragary’s in Sacramento. It was a great evening, and also gave me a chance to meet his wife Pat for the first time. Since they are parents of five sons with a resume of living on multiple continents, the logistics of their parenting and working careers are daunting.

The event was part of a larger “Year of Napier,” (“Napi Year” to those in the know) celebration of Napier’s 80th birthday and his global network (to coin a phrase) that culminates this weekend in San Francisco. Napier had a huge influence on John Rozsa’s and my careers and outlook on life by introducing us to many books and the Global Business Network. It was great to honor him.

In the photo above: me, Pat Collyns, Sue and John Rozsa, Marilyn Wilson, Sy Goldstone, Napier. More flickr photos here.