No left turns

UPS has decided that no left turns by its drivers saves time and money:

 Pix 379 Low ResFor 100 years, UPS employees have worked to find the most efficient solutions for delivering packages in a safe and timely manner. Careful route planning has been fundamental to the way UPS has always done business.

One of the ways UPS achieves efficiencies is through careful study of the methods used to deliver packages. Time studies led UPS to discover that avoiding left-hand turns would save time, conserve fuel, reduce emissions and reduce the potential for accidents. UPS managers (who for years planned routes by physically driving each one and plotting on maps) began experimenting with their routes to see if right hand turns would increase efficiency. It worked. For decades, UPS has designed routes in a series of loops with as few left-hand turns as possible. (…)

In 2007, UPS route planning technology, which minimizes left hand turns:

shaved nearly 30 million miles off already streamlined delivery routes;
saved 3 million gallons of gas; and
reduced emissions by 32,000 metric tons of CO2 – the equivalent of removing 5,300 passenger cars off the road for an entire year. (…)

I wonder if this works for the rest of us? (Via Green Car Congress).


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