We need a better news media, part 2

Via Egregious Moderation:

Thoreau: Suddenly I’m more outraged than ever: Last night, on CNN, during one of the segments the background on the screen said “Iraq: Success or Failure?” And I just exploded. Of course it’s a failure. When a marketplace is so dangerous that a Senator can’t even go there with 100+ heavily armed men (recall that McCain could no longer visit the same market that he visited last year and proclaimed “safe” while surrounded by heavy security), that’s one hell of a goddamn failure.

And it hit me: The media doesn’t invite the Flat Earth Society to “discuss the controversy” every time they show a picture of the globe. They don’t invite a North Korean official to argue that his country isn’t a shithole when they want to do a story on North Korea. They don’t invite NAMBLA to offer an opposing perspective when somebody is accused of child molestation. And they don’t give a guest column in leading publications to a cheerleader for the Libyan regime. Yet when somebody wants to show up and argue that Iraq is a success story, that torture (fricking torture!) is OK, that unchecked executive power is just peachy, they invite that person onto the show and thank him. Instead of reporting the abuses of power they treat the apologists as honored guests.

No, I don’t want a partisan media. But I do want a media with a better bullshit detector, one that doesn’t feel the need to bend over backwards to be “fair” whenever somebody wants to say that torture and unchecked power are necessary to defend freedom. (…)


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