Scenario development tool

This is Very Cool (via Green Car Congress):

2040 Mobility Scenario Development Tool Released by Art Center College of Design

SinglecardPasadena, California-based Art Center College of Design has released a scenario- and solution-building tool which is designed to be used in design workshops to address possible futures in the year 2040 as they relate to issues of sustainable mobility.
The tool, which is called Mobility Vision Integration Process (mVIP), is in public beta in the form of a deck of 109 cards, each representing a situation that affects the design of sustainable mobility solutions. A “hand” of eleven cards is drawn from two types of cards.

One type of card establishes the design context and consists of four categories: enterprise, axiom, customer, and constraint. The other type deals with ambient trends & issues that together describe the future within which the design context is placed. There are seven categories of trends and issues: energy, economy, society, ecology, technology, policy, and wildcard.


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