Daylight Saving Wastes Energy, Study Says — DUH!

I am terribly annoyed at policy makers who grasp for actions that seem easy and significant. Changing the days of daylight savings is the classic example. Congress wanted desperately to do something, anything, to seem like they were saving energy. Changing daylight savings seems to them the perfect answer–no pain, but no gain. But even worse, it caused a great deal of irritation to email systems and PDAs who had to send out patches for their systems. So, pain, and no gain. Dumb…

Via Climate Progress:

Daylight Saving Wastes Energy, Study Says

I have been asked this question about daylight saving time (DST) many times. I have long believed it was not an energy saver — even though that is how it is typically justified. Turns out there is quantitative proof.

For those who are interested in this relatively obscure issue — I doubt Congress would change DST on the basis of this or any other study — you can read a very good article in the Wall Street Journal. “Springing forward,” as we will do March 9, “may actually waste energy”:

Up until two years ago, only 15 of Indiana’s 92 counties set their clocks an hour ahead in the spring and an hour back in the fall. The rest stayed on standard time all year, in part because farmers resisted the prospect of having to work an extra hour in the morning dark. But many residents came to hate falling in and out of sync with businesses and residents in neighboring states and prevailed upon the Indiana Legislature to put the entire state on daylight-saving time beginning in the spring of 2006. (…)

UPDATE: Daylight savings not good for cows either…


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