LA County Art Museum

Today we went to LACMA, which was a difficult choice for me since we were in Pasadena and I wanted to see the Norton Simon, which has long been one of my favorites. But there was the new (just opened) Broad Contemporary Art Museum at LACMA which neither of us had seen, so we went downtown. I didn’t get any photos, though Marilyn saw two movie actors in the Museum and got her paparazzi shots…

The new BCAM space is amazing, but the most amazing thing was the roof, which was transparent glass. The roof has distinctive and large louvers on it which provide protection, but the ceiling to the art space is…glass. Which I find amazing–glass protecting very expensive art, and the top floor is 100% daylght. I have to find out how it was engineered. I’m disappointed that I couldn’t get a photo, but they weren’t allowed in the art space, and from outside just didn’t do.


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