Corn ethanol is even worse than we thought

From Green Car Congress:

New Studies Identify Change in Land Use Associated with Biofuel Production as Major Contributor of Greenhouse Gases, Far Offsetting Benefits of Most Current Biofuels

8 February 2008

Two separate studies published in the current online edition of the journal Science identify land use change—the conversion of rainforests, peatlands, savannas, or grasslands to produce food-based biofuels or to replace existing cropland diverted to biofuel crop production—as a major source of increased carbon dioxide emissions, far offsetting the presumed greenhouse gas benefits of using most current biofuels.

The studies stress the importance of using biomass waste or biomass grown on non-agricultural lands as feedstock for biofuel production to avoid this problem. (…)

Related article in the NYT: Biofuels Deemed a Greenhouse Threat.

And an article by Kit Batten at Science Progress: Develop Good Biofuels.

It will be interesting to see how California’s “low carbon fuel standard,” will take this new data into account.


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