Water Wars

New news trend: conflicts between states and regions over water supply. The west has known this for years, but as droughts spreads they show up in unexpected places:

Kansas Threatens to Sue Nebraska Over Use of a River

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — Kansas threatened a court fight Wednesday unless Nebraska reduced the amount of water it took from the Republican River and paid an undetermined amount for allegedly taking too much water in the past.

Kansas contends that Nebraska’s water use has exceeded what it was allowed under an interstate agreement for the years 2005 and 2006 by about 27 billion gallons, enough to supply a city of 100,000 people for 10 years. (…)

Alabama Senator Blocks Water Manual Update

WASHINGTON (AP) — Georgia lawmakers are blasting Sen. Richard Shelby of Alabama for slipping language into a massive end-of-year spending bill, blocking the federal government from updating the manuals that guide water-sharing in the region.
Alabama Senator Blocks Water Manual Update

Georgia lawmakers have for years argued that the Army Corps of Engineers plans are outdated and do not reflect their state’s rapid growth. Alabama officials, meanwhile, have fought any updates until the parties can agree on an underlying sharing formula. (…)

More news like this to come…


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