Foundation support for building efficiency codes

Today I’m at a meeting in Washington at a meeting hosted by the Pew Center on the States, and facilitated by the Energy Foundation, on how philanthropic foundations could support national and state building efficiency standards and activities. It was a group of the usual efficiency geeks and my good friends. The good news is that their is growing recognition that drastic improvements in building efficiency have to be made reach any climate goals. We talked a lot about the “Architecture 2030” goal, and the policy adopted in California that residential buildings should be net zero energy (i.e., including on-site generation) by 2020, and commercial by 2030. We’ll meet again after the first of the year.

I should have gotten a better picture–the conference room was in the offices of the Pew Charitable Trusts on the top floor of the old but drastically refurbished “Woodies” building on F St. Actually I think the building is like a lot of buildings in downtown DC–the facade is retained but the guts are completely new. I have mixed feelings about the approach–it’s a lot like being on a movie set where nothing is “real.”



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