“Sustainable California” event hosted by Next10

On October 18 Next10 hosted a workshop organized by Irving Mintzer to talk about the challenges of meeting the climate goals in AB 32. From Next10:

Next Ten is convening senior state officials, thought
leaders in the finance and investment sector,
and other influential stakeholders to identify key
strategies to strengthen California’s efforts to build
an environmentally sound and economically robust
economy. This strategic dialogue will explore the
most effective path for advancing public policies
that support the development of clean technology
and further the goals of AB 32. Workshop results
will serve as inputs to the Economics and Technology
Advancement Advisory Committee of the ARB, and
will provide the basis for on-going dialogue between
state officials and business leaders.

The workshop was at the swank Carneros Inn in Napa. Irving led the workshop (the man in black, below), and Next10’s Noel Perry also played a prominent role (standing).

Next10 Carneros

The attendees were about 50 very high level (except for me) people from the Legislature, NGOs and state agencies. I so impressed Irving was able to organize this, and get these people. Irving started talking to me right after AB 32 passed last year about his vision for having a workshop to get to agree on the goals means for achieving those goals. I thought it was a very difficult task, given the divisions and competition that drive policy-making. But to Next10’s credit, they saw the value in the undertaking, and provided the financial support for it.

It was a remarkable experience, and Irving did a great job. He was hindered by having too many, high level participants to have a real dialogue, and not enough time (one day workshop with a dinner the night before). An undertaking like this needs at least two days. I think the ultimate outcome from this effort will depend on having at least two more follow-up workshops, which Irving is pursuing. I’ll be an enthusiastic participant, as i think there is more to do, and much to be gained.

More photos on Flickr.


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