Scenario presentation for New York’s DOT

I was in Albany, NY yesterday with some GBN friends giving a talk on scenarios and the CEC’s Advanced Energy Pathways project to the staff of the New York State Department of Transportation. It was organized by the strategic planning staff as part of their “Driving Change” seminar series with the goal of bringing in new ideas and people.

The main presentation was by Irving Mintzer, with help from Amber Leonard and Napier Collyns. My short contribution was to frame the role of scenarios at the CEC and how the GBN work helped link the energy and economic modeling to other political, social and technological factors. Irving kept the presentation to about an hour, which left an hour for questions and dialogue among the roughly 100 participants. There was a lot of information to convey in a short time, but it seemed to stimulate an active response from the NYSDOT staff.

We also met with the newly appointed Commissioned for NYSDOT and several staff. Transportation is one of those capital intensive and politically charged issues–sounds a lot like energy…

One frustration in this one-day trip was I flew in Sunday night, and the hotel and NYSDOT office’s were within a few miles of the airport on the north side of Albany. So I didn’t see anything of the city of Albany or the capital. So, no pics.


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