Back to Chile

I spent two weeks in Chile in early March. This was to interview as many people as possible in the energy and mining sectors, and government. I’ll post my report when it’s complete. I was also able to take an amazing trip to the Aysen region of Patagonia, and I’ll post photos of that here as well.

This trip confirmed my sense that Chile is a fascinating place with an interesting energy policy problem. Santiago is just another big metropolitan city, but the metro works well (despite the trauma that occurred while I was there with the changeover to the new “TransSantiago” system in which they completely redid the bus system, which created huge chaos and political fallout for the national government). The trip to Aysen was amazing, and the people who work in the environmental NGOs are great.


One response to “Back to Chile

  1. am curious to see your patagonia fotos! here my fotos from chile on flickr: cheers! 😀 mike

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